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A Memorial for Zipper Zipper

Sharing memories of your beloved pet with a free online memorial and optional photo.  Click on the online memorial submission form and fill out the reqired fields. 

A Memorial for Zipper


16 years and 11 1/2 Months 

My little man;
His vibrant energy and unconditional love and has given me so much,
He is and will was always be there;
His loving nature and hilarious spirit embraces me,
I am blessed with his vibrant, bouncy vigorous comics for life,
Expressing his devotion with vim and vigour,
Full of life, sparkling, funny and so delightful,
His spirit was and is irresistible,
He was passionate and full of beans,
Teasing, frisky and mischievous,
Giving me everything,
He was with me during difficult times in my life,
Never leaving my side,
Showing his commitment through his cuddles, banter and wholehearted mischievous antics,
His playfulness and vibrant energy expressed his animation to live life to the fullest!
Zipper, you will always be next to my heart!
I love you and miss you!
My little man;

September 15, 1994 - September 1, 2010



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