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Hoegh Pet Caskets

Pet Caskets

It's always a difficult time when your beloved pet passes.  Whether it's your adored dog, cat, ferret, or rabbit, you can now elegantly lay your pet to rest.  Hoegh Pet Caskets offers caskets in five sizes (20, 24, 32, 40 & 52 inches) and five colors (Almond, Pink, Blue, Gray, & NEW Nature Series Camo). They come with one of the following interiors: Regular-Style Interior (includes a color-coordinated lace-trimmed pad, pillow and coverlet), Elite-Style Interior (includes a camouflage-patterned pad, blanket, and pillow), or Deluxe-Style Interior (fully lined with a color-coordinated pad, pillow and attached skirting; all of which are lovingly hand-sewn and trimmed in delicate lace. Lid is also lined and trimmed in lace).  The top of each casket lid is embossed with fern fronds that represent the unfolding of a new life and remind us that everything is reborn and continues. 

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these pet caskets, being made of strong styrene (durable plastic), have an air-tight design and special sealant that prevent water seepage. These caskets can serve as a casket/vault combination. It is recommended that you place the casket at least 18 inches underground for burial.  These pet caskets can also be used to store the ashes of your cherished pet.  


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