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ShadowCast Pet memorial Urns Custom Page

Custom Paint Information

ShadowCasts does offer custom painted Sculpturns® with the available breeds.

Please call or email us to determine if your request can be done and we will then provide you with a price quote. The quote will be based upon the complexity of the customization.   We will also provide you with instructions.  Detailed images of your pet will be necessary.

Call John @ 1-800-439-9121 or 609-585-4127.

Or email

The following guidelines should give you an idea of the approximate pricing of our custom painted Sculpturns®. These are only guidelines; actual costs may vary based on the time and degree of difficulty involved in the customization of each specific Sculpturn®.

Moderate Change (add $85 to cost of Sculpturn®): A non-complex, one-color customization that affects up to 50% of the Sculpturn®, or a non-complex two-color customization that affects up to 25% of the Sculpturn®. Example: Adding four white paws and a white muzzle to a Sculpturn®, or adding one black paw and a large brown spot on the back of a white Sculpturn®.

Complex Change (add $95 to cost of Sculpturn®): A one-color customization involving the majority (greater then 50%) of the Sculpturn®, or a one-color semi-complicated pattern involving less than half of the Sculpturn®.

Wholesale Change (add $110 to cost of Sculpturn®): A one-color customization involving more than 75% (in effect repainting the entire Sculpturn®) of the Sculpturn®, or a multi-colored customization involving complicated patterns.

Custom painted Sculpturns® will take longer to produce, and though our artists are highly skilled and will do their absolute best to accurately represent your special pet, due to the complexity of the variables involved, we cannot guarantee a perfect match with regard to markings and/or color.

Please note: All custom work is final and non-refundable


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