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Burying your Pet

Burying Your Pet Burying Your Pet

Burying Your Pet

Losing a beloved pet who has provided years of unconditional love and companionship is one of the hardest things any of us can face in life. When a pet dies, or is nearing death, our thoughts turn to how we can memorialize this pet that has meant so much to us. There will be questions about burial versus cremation, and what type of urn or marker is the most appropriate expression of our feelings.

Many people want to know if they can bury their pet in their yard. If you live in a rural area, this is a possibility. However, most city ordinances prohibit this. Before burying you pet on your property, please check with the appropriate local authorities about laws regulating this matter.

If you want to have a traditional burial for your cat or dog, a pet cemetery is a good option. Most major cities now have at least one pet cemetery operating there. Some of these cemeteries are memorial gardens that only allow burial of cremains, but most offer complete burial services for those who want to honor their best friend with a permanent resting place. Many pet cemeteries now offer a full service that is presided over by a minister.

Part of burying a pet is choosing a casket. There are many good options. Caskets are available in a wide variety of styles and colors for both small and large dogs as well as cats. Some caskets even have a camouflage design that would be perfect for a favored hunting dog or partner on the trail.  How to measure your pet for a casket.

Many will decide to have their beloved pet cremated and then have the cremains buried. If this is your decision, there are many beautiful urns available. Urns run the gamut from simple wooden boxes to lovely marble urns available in several patterns and colors.

For those who wish to bury some of the pets cremains and keep some in the home as a memorial to the love shared with the pet, an urn with a photo of the pet is an especially good choice. Urns are also available that are shaped like rocks. These are perfect to locate in a garden area or by a stand of flowers.

No matter if you decide to bury your pet or only your pets cremains, a grave marker will stand at the grave as a reminder of your friend's presence on this earth and in your heart. Some of the nicest grave markers contain a favorite photo from the pet's life. Each time you visit the grave, your pet's photo will be a reminder to you of the time of happiness you both spent together.

Grave markers are available in a selection of different materials and colors. Granite markers are available in traditional gray, but red and pink granite stones are also quite nice. Slate stones are especially appropriate for memorials that will simply include the pet's name and span of days. Garden markers with the pet's name can be placed by the grave or in a garden spot by the home as a reminder of your pet's time with you.

While all of these are difficult decisions at a hard time in life that is filled with sadness, keep in mind that these decisions are just one more act of kindness and love toward your pet in a lifetime filled with such actions.



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