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A Memorial for Sunny Sunny

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A Memorial for Sunny


Sunny our beloved feline companion of 16 years slipped into sleep on October 27, 2009.

Sunny was adopted by Frank and Doris Chlastak on a hot summer day in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   Frank had just come home from a church camp and they had gone out in the morning to a local store. As they passed by a store Frank said, “
Did you see that?”  To which Doris responded, “See what?”It was a sign for free abandoned and abused kittens. Doris had seen the sign and had pretended to ignore it. She had wanted a child for a long time.

We stopped; Doris got out and went to see this kitten. She brought him over to the car and I held him. I simply said, “
We’ll take him.”  Sunny instantly became a part of our family.   The first night he woke us up at 4:30 a.m. We told him to go back to sleep and he never woke us up again that early.   Sunny has played in the Arkansas snow, chased Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs in our kitchen, sojourned to Oklahoma and enjoyed the soft grass of NW Missouri. Sunny enjoyed cozying up in a comfy lap and he always loved to sit in the warmth of the sun by a window. He was the sunshine of our lives, hence his name.

Over his 16 years he has loved us unconditionally, just asking only for a hug and a kiss on the forehead now and then. He was a certified “
Mouser”€ when he caught them he would toss them up in the air and play with them. He taught that skill to his two adopted childrenSammi Jo” andGoldie” whose mom abandoned them after birth.

We will miss Sunny, but he we always remain in our hearts.


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