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A Memorial for MISTY "DoO" ROSE WHALEY


Sharing memories of your beloved pet with a free online memorial and optional photo.  Click on the online memorial submission form and fill out the reqired fields. 

A Memorial for MISTY "DoO" ROSE WHALEY

Misty "DoO" Rose Whaley

14 Years 

Words cannot be said..from the hurt from loss..since sadly u now r dead...a mischeif lil monkey DOO u was ur own uniqueness from which u were breed..u had many lovable traits n those from when u had mislead the logoofiness of ur crazy a$$ is sumthin only u could shed..the cute yet annoyin sound in the a.m when u would have informed us that u were wantin 2 b fed..@ nite u would sleep along the side of MOM the 2 tucked into her bed..instead of affection u gave r own form of unconditional love the only cat that would want petting & rubs..but wouldn't no how 2 go about receive it so instead she would pat & shove..abnormal was u with the adorble side 2!!

Days u had act like a pyscho cat on crack..but ur years of the love & loyalty shown is sumthin no1 but I will get 2 have lil monkey doo is wut I had called u cuz u would run like a maniac all over n under..always gettin tripped on n stepped over while under out feet..u woulda thought u would had learned by now u shouldn't ONLY lie in the paths we would walk..but no not u those were the spots u would spread stretched across all long n the doorways is where u chose 2 have been blocked..u r silly n mom swears a lil mentally illy!!

But unlike others u were my lil MISTY DOO..all cute with crazy n fuzzy n many spots on ur tummy..light gray with a lil bit white all old in your age but still looked like a kitten u ill always have ur paws all around my heart cuz they will forever be written..smitten with our love 4 you u have been truly missed always thinkin of you ur always gunna b in our heads along inside mom & my hearts I won't complain or try 2 explain the lingering pain that hurts throughout each day since u passed away all I wanna there is a joyous day still 2 far 2 see its 2 distant 2 b reached but soon the future will bring us back 2 eachother where we will do nothin but. Play or lay on the oceans sand bay or catch sum fish filet for ur personal buffet..I long 4 these moments 2 come but I can only wait patiently hopin u r bein nice 2 my dear OLD SASSY


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