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A Memorial for A'Sharel N'Jara

A Memorial for A'Sharel N'Jara Hall A'Sharel N'Jara Hall

Sharing memories of your beloved pet with a free online memorial and optional photo.  Click on the online memorial submission form and fill out the reqired fields. 

A Memorial for A'Sharel N'Jara Hall

16 Years Old
May 24, 1997 - May 24, 2013

On May 24, 1997, you entered my life. Actually, you were not my first choice. I had initially chosen your baby sister. But, instead I brought you home. Three months had passed and I received a phone call from the person who had chosen you. She wanted me to return you and I said no. So, you see, we were meant for each other. Everyone that knew you and know me said the same thing. 

When you were a baby I had to bottle feed you until were ready for pet food. This is when you became my “baby girl” not “dog”. I never allowed anyone to call you a dog. They had two choices “Baby” or “A’Sharel”. I would take you to the vet for any issue. Yes, I was an obsessive compulsive mother. You entered my life and simply took control. You had your own mind and how you wanted things. Our personalities were alike since we were Gemini’s. You would never sleep in your room and in your bed. My room and bed became yours. You turned my life around 300 degrees and gave me the opportunity of loving, caring, giving, sharing and spoiling you. 

In March, of this year, your doctor diagnosed you with a heart murmur. I say your doctor, because he was the only one allowed to treat you. Instantly, my worse fears arose. He wanted me to monitor you closely. The week leading up to your birthday, you were full of life. On your birthday, Friday, May 24th, you were having difficulty breathing. Your doctor was notified and he asked that you be brought in immediately. During our drive to the vet you were slipping from me. Selfishly, I wanted you to hold on. You became nonresponsive so, I had to make the hardest decision of having you put to sleep. 

I am having difficulties accepting your cross-over. I miss you, your smile, barking, greetings, unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, loyalty and devotion. Because of you I was a whole person with you being my mind, soul and heart. In closing, this poem I wrote for you. 

Losing You 
My heart still aches in sadness


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