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A Memorial for Ella the Beautiful

A Memorial for Ella the Beautiful Ella the Beautiful

Sharing memories of your beloved pet with a free online memorial and optional photo.  Click on the online memorial submission form and fill out the reqired fields. 

A Memorial for Ella the Beautiful


11 Years 11 Months 

Everything was for you. Want a window open? We opened it. Sit by your brushes and meow...we brushed you. Waken us in the night for food and fresh water? We were up to stumble down the hall to fill the food bowl and top off your water.
You were so much fun despite the spiciness of your dark tortoiseshell nature. You came when we called your name, and you purred over everything. We were your alphas, and you divided your time between us. Nap on the bed with me, and then you'd waken and find Grandpa to curl up in his lap while he watched TV. You loved to jump, to find a new place to doze up high, under a bed or open a cupboard or closet door for sleeping. You'd walk up to us, lift your head and wait for us to pet and scratch you.
We loved you with all our hearts, and your absence is unbearably painful, but the memories are wonderful and touching. Just as you were, our precious kitty. Wherever your little spirit is now, we send hugs, kisses and love.


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