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A Memorial for Adunbi Tau Farrer

A Memorial for Adunbi Tau Farrer Adunbi Tau Farrer

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A Memorial for Adunbi Tau Farrer

12/28/2002 - 03/26/2013

Adunbi Tau was the most precious, loving little boy that I've ever had the honor of being my best friend and baby boy.

He was a Savannah F2. He loved me like no other in the world. I was his person and he was my little boy. He was sick for most of his life with kidney problems. He had surgery, after surgery, and finally one day, it seemed like my sweet beautiful little boy was going to be well. He stayed well for several years, then out of the blue, he started having severe problems again. After many visit's to see Doc., he just wasn't getting better. He suffered day after day. He tried to show me that he was hurting. He was probably one of a very few felines that used potty pads instead of a litter box so it was easy to see the blood when He would go and show me he was hurting. I held him and loved him and he head butt me like he always had done, but I knew the night before he passed away, his eyes didn't look right, and he didn't act like himself. He was in so much pain and his eyes showed me. I took him to back to the vet on March 26th. There was nothing left to do after so many operations, so I had to make the painful decision to let him suffer until he died, or to have him go to sleep in my arms, so thats the choice I made. I love him enough to give him back to God, so that he didn't have to hurt anymore. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I was the only person he would ever let hold him or that he would have anything to do with. He would head butt me, and love on me just to come right back to love me some more when he would turn and look at me. He love to play fetch with a ball and play in my bath water while he sat by the tub with me. He was so very special and I miss him so much. I will always love him until time is no more. His name means "Born to be a peaceful Lion".

I will look forward to seeing and holding my sweet little boy in Heaven one day.
Until then, I know that he will be happy, no more pain. I will never get over you.
I love you & miss you!



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