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A Memorial Molly Molly

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A Memorial for Molly

a Pet Memorial for Molly

August 8th 2005 - December 24th 2013

Molly came to us a few weeks before we lost our dear friend Cubby at eleven and a half years to lung cancer. She shortly found a place in our hearts with that sweet face and those loving eyes. Her blue spec in her left eye was an angel kiss, we told all that knew her. After Cubby passed she was there for me every step of the way to lick my tears away and help me through the heart ache. Molly grew up with my daughters dog Takoda and her sister Taven. Molly spent time with sister Taven chasing our cat cloud around the house and it soon became a game “Get the kitty” was something fun for them to do.

As the years passed my baby seemed to have respiratory problems and numerous trips to the vet didn't really give us any answeres. So with tons of medicine and a will to live we pressed on and Molly's love just kept growing and her joy was endless. I taught her how to wave, roll over, and many more tricks that she knew. Such a smart dog she was. In October of 2008 Molly and her sister Taven got introduced to my new boyfriend, Now husband and Molly soon stole his heart. They spent many nights together while I was at work and grew so close. In 2013 Molly grew tired and seemed to lose interest in her favorite toys. In the weeks to come of our new home Molly and I traveled to the vet many more times, she was losing her sight and became confused and could hardly breathe and medications were not helping anymore. The thing I feared most was becoming reality and my husband and I had to make the decision to let you go in your little red coat we got you for Christmas.

You're with God now and we will always love you Molly. You will be remembered as mommy's sweet little joy!


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