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A Memorial for Jerzi

A Memorial for Jerzi Jerzi

Sharing memories of your beloved pet with a free online memorial and optional photo.  Click on the online memorial submission form and fill out the reqired fields. 

A Memorial for Jerzi

14 Years 

Sweet Jerzi, From the moment you were chosen to become a member of our family, you were loved and adored. Your cute monkey lips were the talk of everyone. You were beyond precious and had so many cute ways that kept us in stitches. When you grew up, you became the Alpha Dog of the neighborhood, even though the dogs you ran with were two times your size, you always led the troop. Losing you has broken all our hearts, mostly mommy's.

We are so sorry you had to die in pain from cancer the way you did. It's our comfort to know you are free of your sick body and the suffering you endured here on earth. We know we will all be together one day when God calls us home and you and your sweet mommy can run and play in Heaven free of pain. You'll always be the Alpha Dog in your mom's heart. You meant everything to your mommy and you'll be forever loved and missed by everyone. Enjoy being free sweet Jerzi.

Love, Grandma Cindy 😪


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